About Us

a) Business Process outsourcing ( BPO )

BPO is the process of shifting an internal job process to an outside/external company.

Business Pyramid Corporation is a reliable Business Process Outsourcing Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company offers a host of Business Outsourcing Services that include Finance and Accounting Services, Immigration Services, Personnel Administration Services, Office Management, Travel Services, Human Resources Relocation Services in Saudi Arabia.

b) Capability :

HR Services and Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Employees Mobility Services

Immigration Services

Government formalities services

Finance, Accounting and Payroll services :

Personnel Administration Support:

Travel Services:

Office Management and Logistic Support:

Transportation and vehicles rental service :

c) Benefits

- Increase productivity
- focus on core business
- Cut operational costs
- Provide better service
- Save costs
- Increase Your Capabilities
- risk Minimization